Da Small Tragoediaz

Teodor Manolov 
Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria
The DST band was created in 1992 in Sofia by students from the National Academy of Arts – Teodor Manolov, Todor Karastoianov and Marin Kotsev. In the next years Teodor Manolov (famous Bulgarian artist and graphic designer) became the band’s heart and primary composer, the band expanded, its members changed often and it turned out that it is no longer a band, but more like an art collaboration of many and various in their style quests musicians and DJs. The same goes up to the present. Parts in the DST’s records take various guest musicians from popular Bulgarian and European underground bands. In the past two years the band performed live with a constant line-up: Dr Frank (Teodor Manolov) – vox, guitar, synths, progs, bass; Lay D (Hristina Pipova) – vox & synths; Ape Real (Gita Petkova) – vox; Disco Fi (Oktay Miursel) – guitar; 2backOFF (Nikolai Tabakov) – drums.
The first live performance of DST took place on February 22nd, 1993. In 2001 Da Small Tragoediaz released their first album - What's Up - Da Veri Best. All songs in the album became total underground hits. Among the most popular ones are: Frankenstein Is In Da House, On Da Bus, Eat Da Punk, RNR Of Death and Thermonuclear Sex Appeal. In 1998 the band received their first music award and had a very successful tour in Bulgaria. After a pause, in 2010 the band made their notable return on stage with a new style orientation and new members. Within a year the band released their first live album called Da Small Tragoediaz Show. In 2011 DST released their second studio album called Da Veri BEAST. Notable songs from this album are Desolation and the English version of Thermonuclear Sex Appeal. In 2012 the album is released for the second time, including several new songs, the most popular among which are Hi-R, Da Deuce Doesn't Believe In God and Mak'em Cry.
2001 - What's Up - Da Veri Best (Wizard)
2010 - Da Small Tragoediaz Show (Live - self released)
2011 - Da Veri BEAST (self released)
Formed in
Industrial, alternative, metal, hip-hop, synthpop
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