paper shop projects [紙屋]

Mensore [welcome]! I'm a fourth generation Okinawan-Japanese-American who makes music/noise and videos. I also edit (and sometimes shoot) videos for other people. Your feedback is always appreciated! Nifwee deebiru [thank you]!
My forthcoming EP/demo, “surreal, so real” [arriving July 20], can best be described as a collection of three “ambient-noise-rock” soundtracks. Though sonically diverse in style and tone, all seven songs express the dualities of dreams vs. reality, serenity vs. discordance, and the moments when those balances become threatened. Beyond this demo/EP, each storyline marks the beginning of an open-ended concept album whose characters, plots, and musical genres will transform based on creative fluidity.
[ 紙屋 | kami-ya | paper shop ] projects offers free music and soundscapes for D.I.Y. and student producers, singers, emcees, filmmakers, animators, performance artists, etc. Everything here will be released under the Creative Commons license and can be downloaded on a donation/set-your-own-price basis (with the occasional CD release). There will also be affordable "producer packages" available for most of the songs, which will feature the raw individual tracks for advanced customization or remixing.

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