We Say Go

Angelo Malka, Leandro Pankk and you., São Paulo, Brazil


More and more people are concluding that nightclub music is not the same anymore, the culture of Djs which generated some of the most revolutionary art over the last years, has been stagnant. For the duo We Say Go, the solution was to go after the primal excitement of rock and bring to the nightclubs the taste of dirty rock joints and their guitars. Leandro Pankk and Angelo Malka are side by side with high tecnology and classic guitars to make We Say Go one of the promises of the brand new Brazilian scene, you can be sure that the dance floor has never seen such attitude in the live performance. The duo has successfully played at Hot Hot (SP), Lions Club, Fosfobox (RJ), Circo Voador (RJ), El Club (GO), VIrada Cultural (SP) e Voodoo Motel (Buenos Aires).
In relation to international concerts, We Say Go has already played with Peter Hook (Joy division/New Order), Twin Shadows (USA), Yelle (FR) and Shy Child (USA).

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