Philip Arbon, Perth, Australia


Stepstone - The Apeshit!
Possibly late 2012, probably much earlier.
Sick of uploading things in stages, so I've put up 8 demos, and now I'm going to put the work in, the overdubs, the mixing, the redoing of MUCH vocals in some tracks (lol) because I was finding my style at the time.
The finals also have a lot more ambience and synths than you may hear here, either cause it wasn't there yet, (and is now) or was buried during the recording stages.
You can also hear my experimental electronics (link above) under 0N, this started as a side project but has become something else.
Philip Arbon: Brief self-bio:
- 27, male, insomniac, apparently bipolar, metalhead, electronics obsessed, multi-instruattemptalist.

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