Saturn's Wolf

Rochester, New York, United States


Saturn's Wolf writes and produces all styles Electronic !!
SW was a bass player in a number of prog rock/metal bands from late 80's through the 90's - The most notable being "Travesty" and "Divine Justice."
There followed several more projects that were always missing a vocalist or folded up before they ever got out of the basement - usually because members argued and just couldn't get along despite talent.
Then SW took about a long break - 10, maybe even 15 years - with wives, kids, etc. but he never withdrew himself from music. He was constantly finding other musicians he worked with to be unreliable so he gradually began absorbing all their roles and talents.

In the 90's he grew bored with the Rock/Metal genre and turned to Alternative, which was cool but....
Then he found Electronica.

It started with Enigma in the early 90s, but SW then came across the acid prog house wave with artists like John Digweed and Praga Khan.

SW fell in love with this new horizon - a doorway into a whole new dimension of music. He knew that this was the future, but most of his friends didn't get it at all. Going against opinion, he started out as a DJ playing electronic music at local gigs.
Eventually he began remixing songs with Acid Pro. At one memorable gig, he was working for a guy and he walked in when SW was playing one of his own remixes - Sir Mix Allot - "I Like Big Butts" and the guy flipped because it wasn't his music. SW wouldn't back down as he knew people were digging it. There was an altercation and SW walked out.
So he spent the many intervening years absorbing every bit of electronic music he could get his hands on, thinking that one day he'd build his collection and become a successful DJ.
Just when he thought the dream was over,
in June 2011, after fumbling with an Ableton demo program for a month, he decided to give it another shot.
6 months later, through Soundcloud, he formed a friendship with eccentric English retro musician Wi777ard and they began to experiment with various styles of old-skool electronic songs. In the spring of 2012, they found support from Rimoshee Recordings in Slovakia. At about the same time, he branched out into disco/dubstep fusion with Allison Attal on vocals - a smooth professional with a voice quoted to be like Donna Summer.
And the remainder of his bio is still being written.

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