Message To The Machine

James Orez, England, Britain (UK)


**Please only follow if you care about what you hear on this page. I don't need empty followers who don't
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Message To The Machine was conceived in 2009 by James Orez who wanted to create Electronic Music with Industrial,
Metal and Alternative influences.
In 2012 an EP was released entitled 'Endlessly Copying Ourselves.'
Created over the space of seven months this EP was recorded at a independent home studio. All songs written by James Orez.
Mixed and Mastered at Dark Feather Productions.
All sounds crafted with various synthesisers combined with various manipulated, self made, samples. All original material.
All by one person.
Thank you for listening.
In reference to the Endlessly Copying Ourselves EP;
“The whole idea of ‘endlessly copying ourselves’ is based on the constant re-manufacturing
of already used ideas. The same monotonous routine covered in a new roll of cellophane.
The sad fact that we, as a human race, are running around in circles.”
Open to collaborations.
Mixing and Mastering services offered as well.
James Orez uses; Ultranova, NI Maschine, Mopho Keyboard,
Evolver Desktop, various software plugins and Logic 9.

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