Johan Sjöquist, Gothenburg, Sweden


Born in the scenic town of Gothenburg Sweden, Johan spent much of his early years moving around which definitely put a small dark cloud over the early years.But, it wasn't until he was 15 did he receive his first computer, a Intel 286 (yes 286!) did things start to look up.Being creativity and spending some time locked behind close doors he build a sound card that connected through the parallel port and "BAM!"The creation of 8 bit music using Fasttracker 2.Talk about teen MacGyver!
Being a from a country that has long dark winter, it is more than expected that Johan first creation were from the little dark corners of his mind.Simple dark emotional music reminiscent of industrial pioneers, Skinny Puppy and Frontline Assembly.Not as "angst" as his heroes, things were more lounge dark chilly sounds but that was because of his love for classical artist Maurice Ravel and Carl Nielsen.
It wasn't untiil he heard the vibrant sound of dance hall and drum & bass did the creative spark truly caught on fire within his own music.He also found a liking to classic house producers Johannes Heil and Steve Vath.When listening to his current soundcloud page, listeners will be treated to an exciting mix of music.Much of which will be featured on his upcoming summer release on Point Audio.
Main Influence: Aphex Twin, Download, Cevin Key, Chemical Brothers, The Cure, Björk, Prodigy, Ministry, Lard, Pigface, Nine Inch Nails and many more.
Gear: Intel i7 motherboard with a quad-core processing, a M-Audio Fasttrack Ultra soundcard, M-Audio monitors.
Software: Cubase SX, Fruity Loops and Waves FX.
tel nr +46(0)735060511

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