Dragonfly Lingo

Rouen, France


Dragonfly Lingo is an electronic industrial act, started in 2009 by the music and film sound engineer, sound producer, and musician Mitia Wexler in Rouen, France.
The project started with an idea to take the pieces of dialogue from film and pair it to the music that each excerpt inspired. With time, the Dragonfly Lingo moniker expanded beyond one concept album paying homage to the silver screen gems.
Dragonfly Lingo’s music is distinctive by its cinematic feel, elaborate soundscapes and a seamless blend of the electronic and organic instruments, and field recordings.
The first release, Morningside (2010), is drawn from the following LP Offscreen. Featuring remixes of the track inspired by Phantasm cult horror series by artists of styles spanning from ebm of Virgo Intacta and dark ambient of Interzone Inc, to progressive house of Ivan Spell, 2-step garage of SoulSeekah, and minimal experiments by AKA, the EP set the tone to Dragonfly Lingo’s ambition to go beyond a particular niche. Morningside was released under Creative Commons license and is available for free download from Dragonfly Lingo's website.
Flux (2011) came about as a collaboration with the visual artist Leroy Roper. The three pieces of the EP, revolving around the life and metamorphosis, are each accompanied by a flip-book animation-type video featuring photo sessions inspired by the music.
The LP Offscreen (2011), which was at the source of Dragonfly Lingo, is built around the idea of taking certain bits of dialogue from a given movie and putting them on music crafted especially for it. Each track features samples from one motion picture, the latter never crossing over to the other tracks. The featured films vary from the well-known classics such as Close Encounters of the Thrid Kind by Steven Spielberg to Shinya Tsukamoto's cult flick Tetsuo. The album is graced by collaborations from Aleksey Maksimov (of Virgo Intacta), Pavel Pontryagin (of One June), and Anastasia Adamenko.
The LP has been made available for the public throughout the two years that it was in the works. Such release method has been chosen to introduce the project to the public from the very start and gauge the listener's interest at the same time, as well as to lift the curtain on the inner workings of Dragonfly Lingo.
Taking the possibilities the digital distribution offers even further, the albums are made in a way as to allow continuous playback of the entire catalogue seamlessly, the last track of each release being matched (to an extent) to the first track of the following one.
The second single from Offscreen – All Right (2011), like Morningside, was released under Creative Commons license and is available for free download from Dragonfly Lingo’s website. Inspired by Shinya Tsukamoto’s cyberpunk flick Tetsuo: The Iron Man, All Right is more industrial-flavoured and features remixes by Common Man Down, DIGIFLESH, Cellmod and Attack Sustain.
Dragonfly Lingo has been nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) in 2009 under the Production/Producer category for Circles, and in 2010 under the Techno/Electronic category for Morningside.

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