Contaminated Intelligence

Maggot, Ogden, United States


Rising from the underground of Ogden, Utah, Contaminated Intelligence is a Dark, Experimental and Industrial one-man arsenal of intense emotions, hard beats, and audio manipulation. Spanning different music genres, the focus and intent is to embrace all the elements of the dark electronic scene rather than cornering oneself. There will be a limited hard pressing of the debut album entitled “TRACKS.” For those interested, please contact Maggot for more information regarding this.
The album is a conceptual album about the loss of his brother to a speedball. Later it incorporated the loss of his father committing suicide; however his father was not involved in his life as much as his brother was. Maggot is his name as his brother gave it to him at an early age, at first it was annoying, but later it began to fit. After witnessing the death of his brother, the raw emotions of seeing his brother laying there helpless, Maggot realized he had to do something to honor his brother. That was in 2004. In 2006 Maggot met Gary of Mentallo and The Fixer. From their meeting, they became good friends and stayed in contact afterward. That fall Maggot gave Gary a demo of his current mixes. Potential, yet there needed to be more. Four years later, time has passed but the music has been morphing from its infancy into a full album.
Like a suitcase full of luggage, the journey from then to now has been filled with heartbreak, confusion and regret. The railroad-tracks that Maggot and his brother walked on from childhood to adulthood were coincidentally removed. The rocks were buried over with new rocks. It symbolized then as it does now, that the old tracks are gone, and now it’s time to move on, to let go and set new tracks. You can look back for a glance, but don’t let it suck you in and leave you behind in time. There is no going back, looking back, Full Steam Ahead!!!
Contaminated Intelligence is looking for a label and/or distributor(s) on the local, national and international levels. If you like what you hear and would like to hear the entire album and get more information, please contact Maggot

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